Essential Oils For Improving Planets Conditions – Astrology

IN astrology if any of your planet is weak and you are facing problems, because of your weak planet condition. You can use our crafted essential oils to improve your planetary conditions.  Which can be used by various methods like dipping the wood stick (non-smelling) in related essential oil and inhale (SMELL) it. Consumption of essential oil should be avoided in any condition without having prior proper information. You can find list of related essential oil with corresponding planets, given below. For detail contact us.

You will get all this below mentioned oil’s, here. To buy any of these oils, Please Fill The FORM provided in side bar.

Amber                              Jupiter
Ambergris                        Venus
Apple                                Neptune/Venus
Bay                                    Sun
Benzoin                            Sun/Mercury
Bergamot                         Sun
Camphor                          Moon
Carnation                         Venus/Sun
Ceedarwood                    Jupiter/Uranus
Cinnamon                         Sun
Civet                                  Venus
Citronella                          Sun/Mars
 Clove                                  Jupiter/Sun
 Cyclamen                           Venus
 Cypress                              Saturn/Venus
 Eucalyptus                        Mercury/Saturn
 Elderberry                        Venus
 Frankincense                    Sun/Pluto
 Galangal                            Sun/Mars
 Gardenia                           Venus/Moon
 Heliotrope                        Sun
 Honeysuckle                    Jupiter
 Hyacinth                           Venus
 Jasmine                     Jupiter/Moon
 Juniper                      Sun/Jupiter/Neptune
 Lavender                   Mercury
 Lemon                       Moon
 Lemon Verbena       Mercury/Venus
 Lilac                            Venus/Uranus
 Lily of the valley       Mercury
 Lotus                          Uranus/Moon
 Magnolia                   Venus
 Mimosa                     Saturn/Moon
 Muguet                      Venus
 Musk                          Sun/Venus
 Myrrh                         Sun/Jupiter
 Oakmoss                    Jupiter
 Orange                      Sun
 Patchouli                  Saturn
 Peppermint              Mercury
 Pine                           Mars
 Rose                           Venus
 Rosemary                 Sun
 Sandalwood             Jupiter/Neptune
 Spearmint                Mercury
 Spikenard                 Saturn/Neptune
 Strawberry               Venus
 Vanilla                       Venus
 Vertivert                   Jupiter/Uranus
 Violet                         Venus/Mercury
 Wintergreen             Moon
 Ylang Ylang                Venus


You will get all this above mentioned oil’s, here. To buy any of these oils, Please Fill The FORM provided in side bar